Getting it back together but still broke.

trying 2B thin, healthy, and make a stable happy life.

Starting my day... late (oh and a suprise rant)
Stating the day late.  I am oil painting again and enjoying it again finally.   I've taken almost a two year break after spending two years working on a handful of paintings most of which I abandoned reusing the canvasses and the others I liked the basic composition and subject matter but everything was lifeless... my muse was lost.  I'm reworking a couple of the old canvasses for my new office space.. (which I'm still stressing over.  I have yet to actually sign the lease and decided to look at another company's available properties today)

Last night I painted from 7pm-1am.  Sipping one glass of wine and not eating at all.  Not even feeling hungry.  When I am painting it is like I go into some high state of concentration.  I also remembered a great radio station from Austin university.  The theme is 'no hits all of the time'.   The students at night from 7 pm have different programs that change every hour or so and they play some truly ecclectic music.  stuff I NEVER hear anywhere else.   Two kids spoke in German the entire time and played German pop songs.  Then some kid had a show called 'putting my parents to bed' and played all this experimental and old time ecclectic jazz.    University of Texas in Austin if anyone is interested.    You can stream it thru a free REAL Player.

I woke up at 4:30 cuz my feet were really cold.  I wish I could train the dog that sneaks into bed with me every night to sleep on my feet. ha ha.   Once i turned on the electric blankets I rested well and slept till 7am.  

I'm still very very worried about my economic situation for the next year...

I found a professional carpenter to make the frames I like on my paintings.   I sent him an email with some examples from my paintings in my old living room in a house that was very chic.    He agreed to do the frames and came over to give me a real estimate on price.  He walked in to the shabby house I have now (which I'm fixing up slowly and love but its not impressive)  and he seemed to have an attitude.  Made some comment about the same painting not being in the same smart living room.... some off comment and I let it slide... but  IT IS SO TYPICAL.  Most people judge a person by their surroundings.. on appearances.  The same person in two different cars . or two different outfits... one fabulous and one average and to many people... they can't see the same person.  

I know not everyone is like that ... but I experience it so often.. especially in business that it really p*sses me off.     I blame TV and advertising for giving a really squewed view of reality.    Ok enough ranting.  

I'm pretty happy.   hope you are too.    love and stuff.... Ms. Iggy Kaboom.


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